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Drummer Stan Demeski of the legendary Feelies agreed to do a short email interview. Read below for some details on the new album, touring and his musical influences.

(Photo Stan Demeski)

How is the recording of the new album going?

The new lp is done & should come out in march.

When I talked to bass player Brenda Sauter in October 2009, I asked if there were any plans for a new album. She told me it was doubtful: you guys all had jobs so it would be a difficult recording process. What made you change your mind and go into the studio?

I think the reason we made another lp is because…. we could ! We had the songs and BAR NONE was nice enough to do it.

How would you describe the sound of the new songs? Generally leaning towards the more frantic Crazy Rhythms or more laid back as on the later albums? Or will it be a mixture of both, or maybe a completely new sound?

Not sure what to tell you about the new songs other than they’re good?

Any word on the tracklist or album title?
HERE BEFORE is the record title and I’ve attached a cd with the titles on it. One or 2 may be a bit different in the final release.

Will there be a tour to promote the album when it’s out?

We’ll do a minimum of touring to support the lp but if good offers come up we always consider them.

Any plans to play Europe in the foreseeable future? I know there are some issues with visa or passports, but I never quite fully understood it. What’s the story there?

We probably won’t go to Europe unless we’re offered a lot of money. Sorry but it’s as simple as that. It’s very expensive and people will have to take time off from work.

When you guys reissued Crazy Rhythms and The Good Earth in 2009, was there a lot of response? Are the kids still buying the old Feelies albums?

The re-issues of the 1st 2 lp’s did well with the 1st one selling the most. We do seem to be getting young people at shows which is great.

New Jersey has produced some very cool bands lately, like Real Estate and Titus Andronicus. Do you follow up on new bands in your area?

I’ve heard of Titus Andronicus and Real Estate but I have heard very little of the music. They would need to send me their music for me to listen to it. I know , lazy!

What was your favourite artist/album of 2010?

I like the re-issue of the Bob Dylan mono lps !

What’s your favourite artist/album of all time?
I don’t have 1 favorite lp but White Light / White Heat had a huge impact on me. But so did many others.
Happy New Year !

The track listing (Photo Stan Demeski)

3 Responses to “Stan Demeski (Feelies) on the new record”

  1. Schism says:

    Maart? Ondertussen nog even genieten van hun ander werk dan.

  2. Stan Demeski says:

    If you ask questions in english I’ll answer them.

  3. Schism says:

    It’s an honor, sir. It was actually not a real question. ‘March? I’ll enjoy their other music in the meantime.’
    But here’s one: Does it still feel right to play with the same people after all those years, or have things changed?

    Thanks in advance.

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